I’m a Data Scientist and Research Mathematician interested in Machine Learning, Number Theory and Financial Mathematics from both theoretical and computational perspectives. I have a passion for understanding and communicating interesting (often technical) concepts in plain language so anyone can understand the main idea of what’s going on.

More Information

Since May 2015 I’ve been working as a senior data scientist at Metis teaching a 12-week bootcamp helping amazing individuals become data scientists. I also teach a freshman seminar at Princeton on “Secrecy, Search and Society” that explores how mathematical algorithms shape the social context of our modern society.

I’ve taught mathematics at Princeton, Rutgers, Duke, and the University of Georgia, and have held visiting research positions at several mathematics research institutes (MSRI, Max Planck Institute in Bonn). I am also regularly involved with the PROMYS summer program for high school students, based at Boston University, and serve on the Board of Trustees for the PROMYS Foundation.

My research in Number Theory has focused on the study of quadratic forms over the integers, and their symmetries. I’ve proved the 290-Theorem in collaboration with recent Fields Medalist M. Bharagava, written the Wikipedia page on Stochastic Portfolio Theory (in collaboration with E. Robert Fernholz and I. Karatzas), and wrote the QuadraticForm class for the SAGE open-source computer algebra system. My papers are available online here.

Contact me

Feel free to e-mail me at jonhanke-at-gmail.com or through my personal webpage.